At Montecito Investment Portfolios, we believe the most rewarding aspect of our roles as asset managers is the opportunity to work with clients to help them achieve Financial Independence. What is Financial Independence? To us, it means generating cash flow equal to or greater than your expenses – to us, it means freedom for you. Striving to achieve Financial Independence for our clients is a key driver to our investment strategy and serves as an aspirational goal in each of our client relationships. We are part of a unique group of portfolio managers and offer our services to both individual investors and investment professionals.

Our Vision at Montecito Investment Portfolios is rooted in consistent and trustworthy performance: it is our Vision to continuously earn investors' confidence and trust as we manage the day to day investment decision-making, monitoring, and implementation process of their asset management plan.

Montecito Investment Portfolios approaches advising with a distinct mission: to provide diversified, disciplined, long-term investment solutions, service, and guidance to help investors achieve their Financial Independence.


Blake Todd, CWS®  Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor, Portfolio Manager

Jarrett Perez, CFA  Vice President, Financial Advisor, Portfolio Manager

Michelle Brandt, FPQP™ Branch Office Operations Manager, Registered Client Associate